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01_new__startrot_FASHIONDESIGN_2010.jpg Fashion Studio Suite

Fashion Design Industry.

We will ensure a more easy and efficient way to create designs and styles.

NedGraphics is fully integrated into the business of the fashion industry and one of the leading players in this market.

For more than 30 years NedGraphics has been developing software for the Fashion industry. With our roots and presence in both Paris and New York. Many impressive brands all over the world work with NedGraphics software solutions.

Our software allows you to create designs and styles faster, recolor them and create catalogues and storyboards. What makes us so special is that we will ensure a more easy and efficient way of working and we can create a bridge between concept and actual fabric. With its broad range of programs NedGraphics is the only one who can provide the solution for you.


01_new__startrot_FLOORDESIGN_2010.jpg Floor Design Suite

 Floor Design Industry

Save time and money throughout the complete production process.

With a dominant market position in the flooring industry there is a big chance that the carpets or rugs at work, in your home, your favourite restaurant or hotel, have all been developed with NedGraphics software.

Through intensive cooperation with machine manufacturers, woven- and tufted carpets producers NedGraphics is in the perfect position to focus on optimal use of the available weaving and tufting techniques. Our software allows you to save time and money throughout the complete production process. Through the use of our true to life simulations your sales force can close orders before one yard of carpet has been produced. Keeping a close eye on new and upcoming trends like the use of High Tech fibers and cost saving production techniques engages us to create enough possibilities in our software allowing you to keep up with your market changes.


01_new__startrot_HOMEDESIGN_2010.jpg Home design Suite


One of the biggest markets in the world is the one of home textiles. Textiles are used in many different areas of your daily life. Towels, curtains, furnishing fabrics and even the fabric covering the seats of your car, are designed and produced with the help of NedGraphics software. With 30 years of experience in the market, Nedgraphics is more knowledgable than any other supplier and offers it’s customers the best solutions for success.

With pride we can claim that NedGraphics is the market leader when it comes to software for Home Furnishings.

Many major producers of Home Furnishing fabrics rely on our software solutions for their day to day operations.

NedGraphics is the only software company for the textile industry in the world that has the knowledge and the means to ensure that your production processes run smoothly, whether it has to do with your design process or the actual weaving or printing process. NedGraphics has a solution that will fit your requirements.


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